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Chris undertook this rapid commercial fit-out project whilst working with Roland Cowan Architects. Chris was responsible for the design and project management of the project from inception right through to the projects successful completion on site. The success of the project lead to a further commission to refurbish a futher 800sqm of office space to provide a mix of open plan workspaces, fully glazed meeting rooms and a kitchenette. The project proposals comprise the remodelling of a single floor plate within an existing office building for a commercial finance based client located in the heart of London.
The project included the design of a large amount of bespoke, modular furniture, the creation of new reception and waiting areas, conference rooms, kitchenette, open plan office space and a series of full glazed hot-desk units. The use of high quality materials, including zinc wrapped counter tops and quartz surfacing, further minimising site installation periods.  
The project took approximately 6 weeks to complete site, with the first phase taking a little over two weeks and the second phase 3 weeks. The project was completed in 2000 as part of a corporate re-branding exercise for an American based commercial client. The project involved detailed coordination with specialist AV suppliers and security advisors to achieve the clients functionality requirements within a multi-tenanted office environment.
Project completed whilst working with Rowland Cowan Architects. All visualisations copyright of RCA.
Photography by RCA.