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Chris undertook the design of this unique, contemporary home whilst working at Roland Cowan Architects. Chris was responsible for the concept design and successfully negotiation of the resultant planning approval for this difficult site, maximising re-development value for our clients.
The project proposals comprise the complete demolition of a land locked commercial site, which was previously occupied by a motorcycle repair garage and the site re-developed to create a distinctive – 6 bedroom family home. The site is accessed via a coach house entrance beneath a 4 storey Victorian terrace and is overlooked on two sides by Victorian terracing and bound on the remaining boundary by a train line. These physical constraints including significant rights of light restrictions imposed by the adjacent terraced houses informed at an early stage that any viable re-development would need to be sunken into the ground to maintain the day lighting amenity of the adjoining properties.
Project designed whilst working with Rowland Cowan Architects. Visualisations copyright of Roland Cowan Architects.